The Godfather of EyeCandy, the amazing MisterShortcut brings you the best success shortcuts and secrets of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires


Embark upon a rare and special journey,   a journey into your own excellence.

You are entering The MisterShortcut Lifebook
More precisely, the most powerful shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.

If you're not getting it from the horse's mouth, at which end of the horse will we find you?

Without a doubt, this IS the most powerful day of your life.
If you have the courage to get excited about your life,
you will find you have the best mentors imaginable:
those who have already accomplished what you most desire ...
masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires !


  Keep our heroes alie by  living,   DOING  more!    Remember 911day         Section II - 911day Tributes II.  

Prepare yourself for energy and excellence with EyeCandy Capital of the World, here at one of the most beautiful websites on the internet.
MisterShortcut (MrShortcut, Mr-Shortcuts, etc.), has created the largest genuine, hand-crafted website online, to help you help yourself.

Waiting for opportunities to come along is hardly a wise choice for anyone hungry enough to successfully believe in themseles.
After all, that is precisely what it takes to be successful: hungry enough to successfully believe you are meant to succeed.
Make the most of these fantastic, powerful shortcuts of masters and millionaires from the MisterShortcut Lifebook.
Those who do the best surely proe to know the best... entitling them to most-effectively teach all the rest.
Presented with EyeCandy and PowerGems, these approaches comprise the MisterShortcut Lifebook.
In return for access to the MisterShortcut Lifebook, your agreement is secured to help the helpless.

The MisterShortcut Lifebook will help you accelerate your success in any and eery human endeaor.

Enjoy the EyeCandy, enjoy the BrainCandy, and remember that this is the most powerful day of your life.

MisterShortcut inested more than 180,000,000 of his most precious possessions into you and your self-empowerment,
for you to use these magnificent secrets and shortcuts of masters and millionaires, of repeat champions and billionaires,
to help you to lie longer and stronger, lie healthier and happier... that you may help the helpless as and where you find them.
Sadly enough, there will always be those who believe millions of steaks in their own freezer is more important than staring children.

The MisterShortcut Lifebook expects more from you, and seeks to proide more for you, in the way of your best tools, and, of course, shortcuts.

Carefully crafted with loe from MisterShortcut

More delights of the MisterShortcut Lifebook From The Godfather of EyeCandy and Shortcuts.
Determine to inest just one percent of your time getter better, getting more knowledgeable.

You cannot learn less about anything, so join MisterShortcut in conquering your own ignorance.
Fifteen minutes per day is certain to fire up all of the best neurons and synapses you can employ.

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For sweeter domains, isit

21st Century Health And Nutrition:
Quantum Reflex Analysis

Shortcuts, "Q's" and Quantum Reflex Analysis

You will find that quantum reflex analysis is the game-changer.
Neer mind that it's such a mouthful. It's name explains most of what it does, still,
you may be more comfortable thinking of quantum reflex analysis as QRA.
Either way, this is a one-second, uniersity-proen test you can use,
on everything that goes into you, or even particularly near to you.
Quantum Reflex Analysis is all that, and you need to know it.

Quantum Reflex Analysis

Shortcuts, "Q's" and Quantum Reflex Analysis          

Quantum reflex analysis proes to be the most comprehensie clinical tool encountered or deeloped thus far.
You have no right to support or reject quantum reflex analysis or how quantum reflex analysis works
until you stand in the presence of a trained QRA practitioner doing the quantum reflex analysis test.
That's it.     Too many opinions, too little experience. Heed those who do better.

* Incidentally or not, Prettiest or Not Prettiest......*
You may note that the Highway Of Natural Ways and MisterShortcut Lifebook is mostly presented to you in bold lettering.
The difference that this has made for many tens of millions of people with isual challenges is worth attending to.
Unlike ALL-CAPS, which can oftentimes be taken to mean that the person typing is going through a bit of rage,
the bold lettering just makes the difference between needing eyeglasses to read here... or not needing to.
So, if you feel that the Highway Of Natural Ways and MisterShortcut Lifebook are yelling,
kindly remember TENS OF MILLIONS of isually challenged people.   Reasonable?

When you fail to squeeze a bit more from your today, can tomorrow improe?
The results you are counting in your life is less a total, more of a subtotal.
Although they are the total of all your yesterdays combined together,
the gift of today is that your total is no more than your life subtotal.
All your yesterdays PLUS today is what will equal your tomorrow.
Add just one percent more into something that you do today,
and you are promised a tomorrow even sweeter than today.
When you engage your Highway Of Natural Ways and MisterShortcut Lifebook,
you will rapidly find the Highway Of Natural Ways and MisterShortcut Lifebook engaging you.
From quantum reflex analysis, the simple test you get to use for the rest of your life for food, etc.
to the simple and undeniably powerful shortcuts and secrets of success, the choice to learn more is yours.
In return for your agreement to help more of the world's helpless, you will learn here the great secrets of life.
Start now with more air (deeper breathing at least once per hour), clean water (a few ounces eery waking hour),
if only because your kidneys, which pump more than a liter of blood eery minute of your life, are so heaily taxed;
neer less than a teaspoon or two of real salt per day, which is AIR-DRIED sea salt, the third most critical nutrient of life,
knowing that a fantastic eighty-plus percent of all humans seen to lie beyond 100 eat/drink unheated olie oil most days.
and plenty of green egetables, all of which is helped by maintaining good intestinal bacteria, by not eating so much garbage.
You will find more often than not that the greatest secrets of Longeity, as of those relating to wealth, are indisputably simple.
Less talking on your part, more listening to those doing it better than you, followed by your own imitation and innoation.
That is how you win at the game of life ... the most serious and exciting game of all.
Proided you help the helpless, you are welcome at the MisterShortcut Lifebook and Highway Of Natural Ways.

Prettiest, Most Beautiful Websites?

Strong claim?   "EyeCandy Capital of the World", and "one of the most beautiful websites in the world."

Well, look at some of the MisterShortcut Lifebook and Highway Of Natural Ways numbers:
far more than a million unique pages by MisterShortcut just for you to succeed faster.

Spread across hundreds of serers on fie continents, each page created and kissed by MisterShortcut,
this must surely be the largest website in existence, at least the largest personal website.

It's goal is perhaps also to be the most beautiful website, free for your life.

Make the most of YOUR best secrets of masters and millionaires, YOUR best .
Do not underestimate the power of this timeless concept of power and success.
The shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the MisterShortcut Lifebook, and yes,
the secrets of masters and millionaires, as well as the secrets of champions and billionaires,
are all yours for the using; all yours for maximizing your results and accelerating your success.

Thus are the secrets of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires: The MisterShortcut Lifebook,
yours to self-maximize your results, self-maximize your success, and accelerate your success measurably.

Stop asking "yes" or "no" questions. We are trained as children to say "No." Better to offer choices.
Would you rather go here, or would you prefer that place? Which sounds more exciting to YOU?"
Pay attention: You repeatedly get the prettiest results when you use the prettiest shortcuts!
This is a key fact and factor of success. It is among the prettiest shortcuts of all time.
It explains the MisterShortcut Lifebook aiming to be the prettiest of websites.

(Biosyntonic mat)

Just as the image aboe this line (Megaphotons) is, BY FAR, the most energetically powerful image of all time,
so too will you find power and benefit in the millions of unique pages presented to you by the prolific MisterShortcut.

Nothing you have ever seen even approaches the Megaphotons. everything near it is guaranteed to pass BDORT or QRA testing.

Incorporate the techniques, even the attitudes and words and postures of those who most frequently outperform us.

This is self-help guidance from the most accomplished humans of all: masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.

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  • Foodboosters are another MisterShortcut inention:
    Learn more at and ideos at       Foodbooster.US

    2,389 MisterShortcut websites, all to help you to help yourself, putting you in a better position to help the helpless.
    When you help the helpless, with energy and enthusiasm, the universe conspires to repay you generously, repeatedly

    The world around you is fully prepared to gie you what you most want. The catch? You have to go grab it!
    The world is unlikely to merely delier to your doorstep that which you most desire in life. Is there free lunch?
    By identifying PRECISELY what it is you want, and breaking into smaller pieces, you astly increase your odds.
    Why leae your destiny to chance? Like any other destination, the path of your life is either blank or planned out.
    For all of life's interference, as Steinbeck brilliantly taught ("The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft agley"),
    basically translating into "The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry," those with plans characteristically win.

    To begin any kind of long journey without a map, or construction of a skyscraper without a blueprint? That's plain folly, is it not?
    A man or woman who does not know precisely where they are headed is entirely likely to end up somewhere else. It's that simple.

    You can make your tomorrows more fruitful, your today more directional, with even the most basic map for your conduct of life.
    If you are not conducting your life with plans, and smaller steps along the way to your greatest long-term goals and actions,
    then we see only limited probability and prediction of your achieving the highest steps on your personal ladder of life.

    Make today a bit more exciting.   Pick up the pen, because the more you write, the more you make

    Stop miring yourself in mediocrity:   It's YOUR turn to shine!

    MisterShortcut inites you to enjoy these thousands of websites, with millions of unique pages.
    You already know that "If it's to be, it's up to me." Thus, we can only await your awakening.
    Will you treat today as you did yesterday, or will you choose to make today a bigger day?